DIY Shot Guide

Shot of Whiskey

Liquor: the substance that brings people together. It encourages laughter and relaxes you after a hard week of classes and tests. Mixing flavors and liquors together to create magical ounces of happiness sounds like fun, but seems difficult. Don’t you have to be knowledgeable about alcohol in order to make fancy shots and drinks? Not in this case. Here are some simple Do-It-Yourself shot recipes that don’t require a chaser and will improve your mixing talents.


Berry Whipped

For the sugar lovers or girl’s night host, this sweet shot will easily be an evening favorite with strawberry and whipped cream vodkas, combined with a taste of cherry grenadine. Mix an even ratio of both vodkas and add grenadine to your liking — mix using a mixer, or just mix in a glass with ice before pouring into the shot glass.

Chocolate Cake

Who wouldn’t rather take a shot of chocolate cake than vodka? Surprisingly, you can combine the two with the chocolate cake shot. Combine vodka with a hazelnut liqueur and add a touch of Hershey’s chocolate syrup and mix well in a mixer or glass with ice. This shot offers dessert in 1 oz., along with the beginning of a good night.

Spring Citrus

For a more plain and citrus-flavored shot, combine vodka with orange and lime juice to bring a fruity taste to your pregame.

Salty Pickle

If you are the dry martini type, a shot of salty pickle will satisfy your craving. Mix your choice of whiskey, or Jameson’s Irish whiskey to be specific, with pickle juice to bring a dark, rich and salty flavor that will make your mouth pucker. Add a touch of pepper to contrast the saltiness of the pickle juice, or add sweetness by using sweet pickle juice instead of salty.

Red Berry Blitz

Flavored vodkas can practically be mixed and matched like bikinis — with countless sodas, syrups and liqueurs creating endless sweet combinations to create an enjoyable shot or cocktail. Red Berry New Amsterdam Vodka is cheap, and wonderfully mixes with lemon-lime soda to create a fruity and zesty ounce of liquor. Don’t be shy and include a splash of orange juice, pomegranate juice or New Amsterdam’s Citron vodka. Mix together in a mixer or glass with ice before pouring into shot glass.


 Nuts for Chocolate

If you are looking for a hefty, rich shot that’s sweet and enjoyable, yet still manly, combine chocolate liqueur, full-fat coconut milk and whiskey together to create a smooth, dark and delicious shot that will leave you craving another.

A Taste of Summer

We all need a taste of warm weather, and fortunately Fort Collins has given us a preview of spring lately with a few days in the 50s and consecutive sunshine. However, summer still can’t come soon enough. That’s why taking a shot of summer is a must this weekend. Combine lemonade, bud light and vodka together in a mixer or glass with ice and pour into a shot glass. Although a taste of summer is good, be careful not to drink too much. A taste of summer comes on strong and could leave you in the shade at the end of the night if you’re not careful.

Remember always drink safely and may these shots be included in a cheers to a wonderful weekend.

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