Spend a Nerdy Night In

Castle Crashers features four player cooperati...
Castle Crashers features four player cooperative gameplay and a unique cartoon art style. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spend Valentine’s Day a little differently this year by staying in. What’s better than a night in with pizza, beer and some video games? We believe these games are the best, most romantic ones to enjoy with your significant other.



Minecraft has become a classic. Easy to play and pick up, but is still an extremely vast sandbox building game. It’s a game that’s comprised entirely of cubes that will have you punching trees for wood in the beginning and have you slaying dragons with a sword forged with diamonds from the magma-filled depths of your cube world. Minecraft should have something for everyone and it guarantees hours upon hours of fun.

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a 2D hand-drawn beat-em-up style game that has you progressing 1,001 different levels with a royal knight of your choosing in an epic effort to save four princesses who were stolen from your home castle. The game has got a very tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and is sure to get some laughs throughout the play. The controls are very fluid and the story has some interesting undertones displayed through some levels. There’s no voiced dialogue, but the environments and characters do a fantastic job of making you go, “Ah, I get it.” All in all, Castle Crashers is a great game to sit down, share a laugh and pass the time with that special someone.

Left 4 Dead 2

Who doesn’t love zombies? More so, who doesn’t love shooting zombies? That said, Left 4 Dead 2 is best described as a first person zombie shooter. You’re one of four survivors stranded with only a few things that you can carry on your back (read: weapons and more weapons) trying to work your way towards an extraction point for your safe rescue. Each level plays differently each time you play through it, as the game’s invisible “AI director” will bombard you with hordes of zombies at varying points in the levels.  Killing zombies one bullet (or a few hundred bullets) at a time always makes for a great time with the beloved.

And sadly, for those who aren’t so lucky this time of year and are out there representing Singles Awareness Day, I have just the thing for that cold, lonely February night…

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

After downing a few shots, if you somehow manage to stumble over to your video game console of choice, be sure to grab this and throw it in. Dark Souls is a game that wants to kill you. The notoriously hard game isn’t as forgiving as your 100-level professor on the first test of semester. It’s a game sure to turn you from a sad drunk into an angry one, all in the comfort of your own home and from the safety of your own couch. Set in a fictional, timeless medieval universe, Dark Souls is a game that doesn’t tell you very much. It gives you a crappy sword, some crappy worn-out armor and tells you: “Tough luck, go figure it out, nobody cares.” Unreasonably hard and violently frustrating, it will certainly consume your mind trying to wrap your head around the insanity. The best part? It doesn’t kill your liver.

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