Seven ways to avoid Valentine’s Day

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Many holidays have their fair share of non-celebrators. There are plenty of people who don’t see the appeal of green beer on March 17 or dead poultry on the fourth Thursday in November. But Feb. 14 has way more than it’s fair share of haters.

There are quite a few reasons for the lack of love. Some people feel that it’s a corporate invention designed to sell cards, chocolate and flowers in a relatively uneventful month. Some people get tired of the anatomically incorrect pink and red hearts everywhere. And, yes, some people hate it because they’re single.


In non-celebration of this holiday, we’re giving the haters out there a few options of their own. Whether you hate today because of the card companies, the annoying hearts, the lovey couples rubbing your singledom in your face or none of the above, here are some ways to avoid all of the holiday love.

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best ways to avoid anything. You can spend hours catching up on Parks & Rec and successfully keep pesky thoughts of homework, responsibilities, or just plain old life out of your mind. Just try to stay away from anything too romantic. Think action and tough heroes who have no time for that love stuff.

2. Go see a good, non-romantic movie

There are quite a few quality films out right now that put love on the back burner. Check out the Lyric, Cinema Saver, Carmike and Cinemark. It’s probably best to go for something like The Wolf of Wall Street or American Hustle. That way you avoid Valentine’s Day while simultaneously getting ready for the Oscars. Two birds, one stone. Avoid “Endless Love” at all costs.

3. Work out

Maybe not the most appealing option on this list, but it is a great way to turn your annoyance into something more productive. Plus, it’s very possible that the big guy who can never seem to find a t-shirt with the sides still intact will be out with his significant other and therefore unable to hog your favorite elliptical.

4. Go to a great concert

The Aggie, Avogadro’s Number and Hodi’s Half Note are all hosting shows Friday, including Zion I at 7 p.m. at the Aggie. Getting swept away in some great music is sure to help you forget about Cupid’s tiny little heart-shaped arrows. Tickets range from $10 at Avogadro’s to $17 at Hodi’s. Not a bad deal to get some help with that avoidance goal.

5. Work or Homework


Hear us out. Lots of people take Valentine’s Day off to spend time with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Offering to work is sure to help you earn some brownie points with the boss. And while most people are out spending money on flowers and romantic dinners, you’ll be making money that you can spend however you please. The idea of homework is even less appealing, but you’ll thank yourself when Sunday night comes and you can relax while everyone else is rushing to get that essay written at the last minute.

6. Sleep

It’s been a long week. Plus, avoiding is a lot easier to do when you’re not conscious.

7. Hang out with other anti-Valentine’s people

We can personally guarantee that you are not the only person you know who is not a fan of this day. Form a group of non-celebrators and do any of the activities previously listed or come up with a new one. Waiting for midnight to come so that Friday can be over will be a lot more fun with friends.

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