Low temperatures, high profits

The days may have been freezing, but that did not stop the Fort Collins nightlife from setting the sales on fire for these alcoholic products over this past weekend.

According to Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon, their beverage bestsellers were their Irish Car Bombs, a beer cocktail of Irish stout, Irish cream and Irish whiskey, their pints of Guinness beer and their shots of Jameson whiskey.


At Taps Sports Bar and Grill, their most demanded drinks was their Bud Light, from an option of 40 beers on tap, their Fireball whiskey and their Jameson.

As for the Main Line Ale House, their highest sold selections were their Moscow Mule (a vodka, ginger beer and lime mixture), their Full Monty (ice, vodka and galliano) and their Old Fashioned (sugar, bitters, brandy and citrus).

Luscious Nectar Juice Lounge said their White Russian cocktail placed first, which includes vodka, coffee liqueur and cream. This was followed by their Godfather mix of scotch whiskey and amaretto. Tying for third were their Dark ‘N’ Stormy (rum and ginger beer) and their Zombie (fruit juice, liqueur and rum).

According to wine bar Cafe Vino, the wintertime has seen a spike in their red wine requests, particularly with their staff favorite, Chateau Trillol. Their grape Grenache and Syrah were popular as well. They also have a Tincts and Drinks special, where consumers pick their spirits and tinctures for six dollars.

If you are in need of anything to warm you up during this cold wave, from a Fireball to an Irish Car Bomb, then these Fort Collins hot spots are where your weekend can burn bright.

Collegian Entertainment Reporter Hunter Goddard can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.