Game Review: Gunpoint

GunpointPrice: $9.99

Platform: PC, Windows


Gunpoint is a 2D side scrolling puzzle indie game. In Gunpoint, you are a professional corporate spy with an arsenal of abilities and you have one mission: to infiltrate various corporate entities and gather information for your clients.

Despite only being about four to five hours long, the game really shines in its depth and complexity of the puzzles, because the same puzzle can be completed in many different ways. The main tool at your disposal is the cross-link.

With it, you are able to see the way the building you are in is wired. This is the most important tool at your disposal, allowing you to rewire doors, lights, elevators, motion sensors, platforms and more.

For example, you will enter a room with a guard behind a locked door.  You are required to rewire the lights on the floor to a single switch which you activate. Now that the lights are off, the guard will come out from behind door and investigate as you hang from the ceiling Spider-Man style. You can then assassinate the guard or lock him in a room and leave him.

To make it more difficult, different sections or objects in the building will be wired to different colored circuits. So you would have to figure out a way to get to the blue control panel (to access the blue connections and rewire objects that use a “blue” connection) using the red connections which you always have access to.

This is a very basic example of some of puzzles in the game, but it helps demonstrate how you might use crosslink. The variety of other gadgets you get changes the flavor of the game and ways you can approach it.

You can purchase a gun from the store for a more violent and brute force approach or you can get an item that will muffle the sound of breaking glass, which can be helpful when entering a building on a second floor.

Overall, I found Gunpoint to be an enjoyable experience. The story is not the best or most intense, but it is good enough to keep you playing.

At first, it takes a bit to get into the game and understand how the mechanics work and how the levels can be manipulated by your arsenal, but once that initial hump is passed, it is a much more fun experience.

Grade: 8/10