Dress to Impress: Winter Fashion Ideas

Christmas clothes are back. With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to bring out your inner fashionista while also keeping warm.

According to senior apparel merchandising major Callie Morgan, appearance matters when making an impression.


“[The fashion world] has taught me that appearance does matter and your first impression sticks with someone,” Morgan said. “The best way to make a first impression is fashion.”

First impressions do matter because they set up how people think of you. So here is some advice on how to dress well and keep warm this winter.

Infinity scarves, long circular scarves that people loop around their necks, are very in right now, according to Morgan. Kalyn Bessert, sophomore fashion and apparel merchandising major, said it is important to choose the right color scarf.

“You should look for something that has a unique print, but also a color that compliments your complexion,” Bessert said.

Bessert explained that warmer colors compliment darker complexions, while slightly cooler colors accentuate the lighting on lighter complexions.

Morgan said she would recommend Kansas City Kitty, located in Old Town Fort Collins, for scarves under $20.

The ever-popular leather boots are big this winter season but, according to Morgan, riding boots and motorcycle boots are the way to go this winter.  For good cheap boots Morgan would recommend Target. “DSW probably if you want quality leather boots,” Morgan said.

Layering is a popular way for both men and women to keep warm and look good.

“Layering with guys is big, like a button-up flannel under a sweater with a jean jacket over that,” said Andrea Walker, senior apparel merchandising major.

Walker said it is possible to be warm without looking bulky in all your clothes.


“Even though it’s cold, really cold, you can still be unique and look cute through layering,” Walker said.

Bessert also gave some advice on how to dress up an ugly sweater. “I definitely think accessories are your friend with those,” she said.

Morgan stressed that simple accessories or the right boots can make an ugly sweater look good, but it is important not to overdo it.

Although dressing to impress can be tiring, Bessert said how a person dresses makes a lasting impression.

“As superficial as it sounds you do judge someone off of how you perceive them,” Bessert said. “It’s also a great way to express your individual self.”

Collegian Entertainment Assistant Editor Amber Johnson can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.