Top 10 Most Popular Drinks in Fort Collins

According to Old Town bars, it’s…

1. Fireball


Cinnamon is a beloved flavor of fall. With late fall is in full swing and winter slowly approaching, Fireball whiskey is a smooth, cinnamon liqueur that, after a sip, leaves your mouth tingling with a rich, spicy cinnamon flavor. Common ways to drink Fireball are by the shot, on the rocks or mixed with apple cider — a perfect drink for a fall night!

2. Hard Cider

Apple cider is a cozy fall drink that leaves one feeling warm and satisfied on a chilly fall night. Hard cider is apple cider with a kick! It is a fizzy, sweet drink made from fermented apples. It is lighter than beer, but sweeter as well. CooperSmith’s has a kick-butt hard cider this season and there is always Woodchuck Hard Cider, a popular brand worth sipping on.

3. Ship Wreck

This spicy cocktail is exclusively available at Social—the new underground cocktail bar located in Old Town. It was the number one seller this past weekend! Ship Wreck is a rum-based fall drink with a spicy cinnamon liqueur added to it. It also contains a hint of orange flavor and is finished with an essence of cloves and zest.

4. Smokey the Pear

Smokey the Pear is also exclusively found at Social. It is currently a seasonal favorite for Fort Collins. The drink contains whiskey and pear cognac, a cocktail best served in a chilled glass. It has a touch of Mezcal to add a sweet, smoky flavor and is finished with a hint of spice.

5. Margarita

Margaritas will forever be popular. It is the most loved, tequila-based drink served iced, frozen or straight up (without ice). Tequila combined with an orange, lemon, or lime flavor is then finished with a salty kick as the lip of the glass is rimmed with salt and lime wedge. Margaritas make for a great girl’s night out!

6. Washington Apple


This cocktail has been a roaring favorite at Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon. It is dark, rich, and fall-flavored. This drink is made with whiskey, sour apple schnapps and cranberry juice. It can be served on the rocks, as a martini or even as a shooter.

7. Manhattan

A Manhattan is a classic fall favorite. It is a cocktail made with an austere whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters.It is often served with ice in a cocktail glass. This is a perfect drink to enjoy with your guy friends on a cold night this season!

8. Columbine Kolsch

This classic ale is styled by CooperSmith’s Brewing Company. It has a light, crisp and clean flavor which makes it go down smooth. It is a popular beer on tap at CooperSmith’s currently, and makes for a great drink to go along with your burger!

9. Sun Kiss

This drink is an all-time favorite at Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon. It is a rum and coconut-flavor based drink with a touch of peach schnapps and vodka. It also contains a splash of orange juice and Red Bull. This drink keeps you awake with a little caffeine from the Red Bull and enthused by the summery and sweet flavors!

10. Red Bull and Vodka

This sweet mixture was a weekend hit considering it is easy, cheap and light. This drink picks you up with a little caffeine and gives you a little kick. It can be enjoyed with or without ice. This is a perfect drink to order when you are wanting something simple but classy.

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