Julianne Hough dresses in blackface for Halloween

Well this been a disappointing Halloween season thus far.

As you may or may not have heard through the wonderful world of Facebook, last weekend two Florida residents in their 20’s started a social media uproar when they dressed up as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin (in black face). You know just to like exemplify that court case that barely anyone cared about or had emotional attachments to. HA!


Anyways, yeah that happened. Which obviously was not well received by anyone who saw the image. I mean one of these guys was in actual black face, and I don’t think that’s ever been well received.

But don’t worry it gets worse than that!

This week I learned even celebrities decided it was OK to dress in black face this Halloween.

Dancing With The Star’s Julianne Hough made a big mistake dressing up as Crazy Eyes from that Netflix Original Series Orange Is the New Black.

Julianne Hough performing in Los Angeles in Ma...
Julianne Hough performing in Los Angeles in March 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seriously, I can not comprehend why anyone who is actually in the public eye and subject to tons of criticism already, would do something like THIS! I mean is anyone really going to support her here?

According to the nytimes.com, she was wearing, “An orange jumpsuit and what appeared to be heavy bronzer,” she was supposed to look Crazy Eyes played by Uzo Aduba.

ALSO here’s something else to consider about that entire situation, these women could potentially run into each other! Like can someone please explain to me what will happen when Julianne is like sitting next to Uzo at say the next award ceremony they’re both invited to. These are all things to consider when you’re going to  dress up like a celebrity when you’re a celebrity.

I mean was her stylist involved in this costume decision?

Of course Julianne made a public apology to Uzo and according to the nytimes.com stated, “I realize my costume hurt and offended people, and I truly apologize.”

I’m sorry, what is she exactly apologizing for? That she hurt people, or that she did it in the first place? Hm, I remain unconvinced.