Colorado State fall 2013 drag show sashays into the Lory Student Center theater

Junior business management major Abigail Holmberg practiced dressing in Drag in preparation for last semester's drag show.
Junior business management major Abigail Holmberg practiced dressing in Drag in preparation for last semester’s drag show.

It’s that point in the semester again, and I’m not talking about midterms. This semester’s drag show is taking place this weekend, and this time it’s getting competitive.

This year’s theme is “So You Think You Can Sashay,” and will feature judges in addition to the usual performers. This is all going down Saturday, Oct. 19 in the Lory Student Center Theater during two separate shows at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are free at one per student ID, but tipping is highly encouraged so bring cash.


One of the many talented performers who will appear onstage Saturday is drag queen and business major Jessica L’Whor.

“I’m extremely involved on campus, I like travelling (and) trying crazy, exotic food,” he said. His love of trying new things is a trait that permeates his whole life, so it only makes sense that he would try drag at least once.

He started wearing drag two years ago for fun. “You know that old joke, ‘Oh I’ll do it this Halloween just for fun,’ well,” said L’Whor. “That’s how it started.”

Since then, L’Whor has made a night’s fun into a hobby, and from there into a job. In the last six months, L’Whor has performed professionally in Fort Collins, Loveland and Denver.

The show is themed around competition, but the judges are part of the performance. “There’ll be judges, but they’re judging for audience participation,” L’Whor said.

The drag show is made up of many short performances by members of SOGLBT, each centered around its own plot or theme.

L’Whor said, “The theme (of my performance) is Jessica L’Whor and Sex Sells, which is about over-emphasizing the sexual desires that a woman has about extremely dominating men.”

All proceeds from the show will go toward the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Ally Resource Center of CSU.

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