Pros and cons of the world ending in 2012

Depending on how much you have been studying for your finals, the end of the world will either be a blessed reprieve, or kind of a bummer.


Regardless if the world will actually end or not, it never hurts to be prepared. Here we have a list of some of the most plausible end-of-the-world scenarios that you should prepare for.

By far the event most of us have the most practice surviving is a zombie virus outbreak. Thanks to the combined hundreds of video games, books, movies and TV shows on the subject, most people know to “aim for the head.” Grab your canned food, your large knife or projectile weapon of choice, and prepare for a realistic version of Left 4 Dead.

The downside to this end of the world, however, would undoubtedly be the lack of humanity. Being human, we enjoy the company of others. After a week of being holed up, no matter how well you are doing, people get a little crazy. Watch your back; no matter how lonely you are, zombies don’t make for good conversation.


Similar to zombies is the alien invasion. Unlike zombies though, aliens will outnumber us, out-gun us, and catch us totally off-guard. No matter how many Will Smiths there are, most of us regular Joes are going to be cannon fodder.

To survive this situation, you are going to have to go down — into the ground. They will most likely wipe out our cities and towns and leave the boonies untouched. Be prepared to learn how to milk a cow and churn butter; we’re about to regress a few hundred years. That is, if you survive the initial annihilation.


Yellowstone Park is a place you can find nature, tourists and a super volcano. A volcano that has the power to out-blow (which probably isn’t the technical term) Mt. Saint Helen’s by a huge factor. There are supervolcanoes all over the world, and they will probably all explode at once, if movies are any indication. This is the end of the world.

If you want to survive this situation, you will need oxygen and patience… months, maybe years of patience, and a good book series to read. The most dangerous part isn’t the lava, but the ash. You will have to stay inside and keep your lungs intact. After the dust settles (literally) you are going to have to know how to farm, assuming you saved some seeds since all the plants will be dead. The landscape will be nothing but a foot of dust.



Low flying rocks doesn’t sound like an apocalypse situation, but if one of those rocks was larger than a mile and flying low enough to collide with Earth, it sure would be. Most believe a meteorite is what obliterated the dinosaurs; what’s to stop one from driving humanity into extinction?

There really isn’t a way to survive an asteroid collision. Luckily for us, science has our back. If something was going to collide with Earth, we would know in advance. Now the only problem is getting off the planet…

No matter how much you love the R.E.M. song, the world may not end over break. If it does, make sure you say goodbye to your loved ones and finish that bucket list of yours; only 14 days to go.