Meet the editor: Abby Vander Graaff, Assistant Opinion Editor

Abby Vander

Abby Vander Graaff is The Rocky Mountain Collegian assistant opinion editor for the fall 2019 semester.

Vander Graaff is a third-year college student. After spending her freshman year at Michigan State University, she transferred and happily found her home studying interdisciplinary liberal arts with minors in Spanish and anthropology at Colorado State University. 


Vander Graaff joined the opinion desk in 2018 and chose to stay because she loved the boisterous, independent and passionate spirit of her colleagues. She believes that journalism is a crucial tool in observing our world as it is so that we can turn it into what we want it to be.

When she’s not writing opinion articles, she spends her time reading good books, enjoying the mountains and enjoying the occasional chocolate chip cookie.

As part of the editorial board, Vander Graaff implores you to join the opinion desk if you feel your voice needs to be heard. She hopes that more people take the opportunity to write for The Collegian, just as she did her first year at CSU.

Vander Graaff will be taking a brief hiatus in spring 2020 as she studies abroad in Cusco, Peru. She hopes this experience will broaden her perspective for her remaining time at The Collegian.

Abby Vander Graaff can be reached at or on Twitter at @abbym_vg.