Collegian A&C desks shares their favorite aspects of the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise

Randi Mattox

The real Friday the 13th is tomorrow. Instead of being afraid of Jason, read The Collegian’s Arts & Culture desk’s input about their fravorite aspects of the franchise. 

“The paralyzing fear that makes it nearly impossible to get out of bed when a real Friday the 13th comes around because I watched one scene from the movie when I was way too young.” -Nate Day, A&C Reporter 


“I personally love Jason’s choice of fashion. The thrifted button work shirt really compliments the distressed jeans. And don’t get me started on his amazing dreads.” –Henry Netherland, A&C Reporter 

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“I have not seen Friday the 13th. I am not big on horror in general, unless it has a comedic component.” -Nick Botkin, A&C Reporter 

“I’d like to thank Jason for wearing a hockey mask to cover his gnarly face. Dude’s face looks like fresh roadkill.” –Miles Parrish, A&C Reporter 

“I like how Jason walks slowly but always manages to catch up to his victims. That’s impressive.” – Randi Mattox, Arts and Culture Director

“I like the fact that as humans, although we may have our differences, we can all bond over the slaughter of innocent characters in the series.” -Carson Lipe, A&C Reporter 

“His relationship with Freddy is iconic. #BromanceGoals” – Maddie Wright, A&C Reporter 

“In terms of total ridiculousness, I could have totally picked ‘Jason X’ a.k.a. ‘Jason Goes to Space’ but I didn’t want to be that guy. I picked the next funniest one, ‘Jason Takes Manhattan.’ The title alone is hilarious. The idea of Jason stalking the streets of the City that Never Sleeps is ridiculous and immediately funny. Throw in lines like, ‘you’re dead meat, slimebag,’ after Jason kicks over a boom box for literally no reason and you’re having yourself some late 80’s fun. Also, I have to love the scene where Jason is chasing down a couple on the subway only for the passengers to not give him a second glance. It’s like the real New York!” -James Wyatt, A&C Assistant Editor 

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