8 ways to enjoy Spring Break in Fort Collins

Nick Botkin

The exterior of the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado,
Catching a musical performance or show at the Lincoln Center is one of many ways for students to enjoy spring break, Fort Collins-style. (Jenn Yingling | Collegian)

It is spring break. You might want to go on some wonderful odyssey to the beach or a metropolis. However, you might have some project due right after the break. Maybe you have job obligations.

Fear not. There are a multitude of ways to have your own vacation here in Fort Collins. Everyone needs a respite and these suggestions will hopefully help you. 


Fun at Horsetooth Reservoir

Thoreau wrote, “I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately.” If Thoreau were alive today, he might recommend going to Horsetooth Reservoir. Go boating, swimming or water-skiing. Do some rock climbing and catch a majestic view. Give your mind a rest from upcoming projects and professors who make the teacher in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” look charismatic.

Have a beer

If you are over 21, Fort Collins might look like something out of Willy Wonka, if he specialized in beer. Hit up a brewery or just have a cold one at one of the local bars that abound. You might even make new friends.

Lounge in the Oval

Hanging around campus might seem as appealing as a root canal. However, the Oval offers a sense of beauty with stately buildings and behemoth trees. It also offers a nice place to reflect and recharge your mind. Hole up against a tree with your favorite books. Listen to the sounds of Fort Collins around you, from the squirrels chattering to the ever-so-ubiquitous freight trains.

Visit Old Town

With an array of shops and dining options, there is no shortage of entertainment here. You can also just enjoy the vibrancy of Old Town and walk around. You might also take one of the guided tours offered, some of which include Old Town’s most notoriously haunted spots. Watch for ghosts. And call Ghostbusters, if needed. 

Go to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

If you are a fan of things scientific or historical, go to the museum. According to the website , “the museum creates opportunities to learn, reflect, and have fun through hands-on and collections-based explorations in science and culture.” Exhibits range from “People on the Move,” exploring the history of Fort Collins, to the “Music and Sound Lab.”


 Upcoming events

 What: Jo Koy: Break The Mold Tour

 When:  Sun, March 11, 6 p.m.

 Where:  Lincoln Center Performance Hall, 417 W. Magnolia Street, Fort Collins

Watch a movie at The Lyric

Spring break is about release from stress. The Lyric might be your answer. Located at 1209 N. College Ave, The Lyric offers a selection of smaller independent movies. It also features a plethora of  themed events.  Upcoming events at the Lyric include a March 12 vegan dinner, paired with a screening of “Dr. Strangelove.” 

Catch a performance at the Lincoln Center

The Lincoln Center’s mission statement is to “be a leader in cultural experience and make it an essential value to the community.” There is no shortage of concerts and plays to attend here, among its assorted offerings.

Ride a bike

Fort Collins is a truly bike-friendly city. If you just need a release from stress, take to the trails. Go at sunset and experience the true majesty of a Rocky Mountain dusk. Can your friends say they have this option in the big city?  I think not.

Collegian reporter Nick Botkin can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com. His Twitter handle is @dudesosad.