Active Lifestyles: three ways to tackle finals week head-on

Katy Mueller


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Finals week is coming up. Uh-oh. Morgan’s Grind is about to start selling a whole lot more coffee to us late-night studiers. But, just because the crazy stress of the end of the semester is coming up, do not let it consume you. Try to tackle these last few weeks head-on and with a plan in mind to assure that you do the best you possibly can. Here are five things to keep in mind so you don’t go crazy:

1. Keep some perspective


Okay, yes, the tests we have to take are for important classes. The results of these tests may determine the fluctuation in our overall grades and GPA. However, don’t forget that everyone in every university across the nation is dealing with the same thing as you and that you are not alone. Everyone is studying, crying and studying some more. These tests are important, but they aren’t worth you losing your sanity. Take a deep breath — you’ve got this.



2. Take exercise breaks


The last thing on my mind when I am stressed about school is taking even more time from doing homework to go to the gym. Why run when I could use that time to study more? The thing is, though, that you need to take exercise breaks. According to, exercise seriously does help reduce stress. It gives your brain a break, for one, and gives your body a chance to recoup and re-energize. Also, it helps your brain’s neurons fire better, which helps you study more efficiently. You do not want to be a lump on a log just studying for two weeks straight. 

3. Eat the right foods


During dead week and finals week, it is not the time to be pigging out. Give your body what it needs with whole foods that provide natural energy, not weird, chemical-filled energy drinks. When your brain is tired, it will naturally crave fats and carbs — carbs because that is what gives your body the glucose it needs to run efficiently, and fats because your brain will start to trick itself into thinking it needs to store up on calories once it starts to get sleepy and tired. Be prepared for this with healthy carbs and fats like an apple with a cheese stick, crackers and raw peanut butter, cold-pressed fruit juice and a vegan protein bar. Healthy foods while studying are what will help your brain not crash and burn as quickly as if you were eating all the wrong snacks.

Don’t forget, you’ve got this. Breathe, move your body and eat right. Summer is almost here.


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