Active Lifestyles: Great blogs for healthy living motivation

Katy Mueller


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Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. We can make ourselves go to the gym, eat nutritious food, and sleep well, but if we are being real, sometimes it feels like more of a chore than it should. Once I find myself in a rut, it becomes difficult to get out of it. I’d rather reach for chips than an apple, and sleep in instead of go running. When I feel like that, these blogs are some of my personal favorites to look at when I feel like I need a little extra motivation to keep doing what I’m doing.


This blog I have followed for quite a while. Georgie is a vegetarian, and really enjoys healthy recipes. She does a lot of cool smoothie recipes that are always fun to try and shares a lot of real life blog posts where she shares about the ups and downs of trying to be healthy. My favorite thing about this blog is the amazing photography and the down to earth vibe she gives her readers as she encourages them to feel good about themselves.


Lacey’s blog is another that I love. She is a big runner, which is why I started following her in the first place. She is super real and her lively personality makes all of her posts worth reading. She includes little stories of encouragement in each of her posts and has a lot of posts centered around college students.


The Blissful Balance is a newer blog that I have stumbled across that is slowly becoming a favorite of mine as well. Similarly with the amazing photography, Christina shares really easy and affordable recipes that are simple to recreate and work on a tight budget, as well as easy to follow workouts. She does a lot of step by step instructions that make her advice really easy to follow.

Next time you find yourself in a rut, take a look on Pinterest for some inspiration to keep going. If you find something cool, maybe click the link and you will find yourself on an amazing blog like these ones that you can reference every time you need a little pick me up!

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