Active Lifestyles: three reasons why working out after a breakup helps

Katy Mueller

We’ve all been there. I’ve really been there — as in, four days ago been there.

Yup, four days ago, ya girl got dumped. And it sucks.


So, I am here to tell you that I understand what you are feeling and can personally assure that I know what I am talking about when I suggest that you should work out, or continue working out, even if you just went through a breakup. It’s easier to lay in bed and cry, and you should, but not forever. Make yourself get dressed and head to the gym or your favorite trail and get a good sweat in for these three reasons.

1. It will help cheer you up.


You know that runner’s high thing everyone talks about? The really relaxed, good feeling after a nice workout? It turns out, it’s probably not endorphins. Apparently, endorphin hormones are too big to fit between your neuro-pathways to make you feel that giddy high. But, you know what isn’t too small and turns out may actually be what gives you that good feeling? Your body’s own homemade cannabinoids. Yes, like the ones found in weed that get you high when you smoke or eat it. So work out and you will get a nice, natural, legal (if you are underage) and super-healthy high. You’re welcome.

2. You will only be making yourself better.


It’s important after you have lost someone who shared part of your life with you that you don’t forget who you are. You still deserve to treat yourself well. It’s hard to have a decent perspective on your life after such a big piece went missing. But every time you set foot in that gym, you are telling yourself that you deserve to be happy still. You deserve to treat your body right and do what is best for it, as well as your mind. You have to remember to be treating yourself nicely during this heartbreak before you will be able to let anyone else later.

3. You can use a rockin’ bod as revenge.


Okay, not every relationship ends miserably. Sometimes it’s mutual, even friendly, with no hard feelings. But, you gotta admit, sometimes it just is easier to hate the person. For no reason, just hate them. Which is immature — but hey, at least I admit it. Getting a great body is pretty rewarding revenge toward that person you either actually hate, or fake hate to not remember how much you actually loved them. Tear. If you don’t want to look at it from such a negative perspective, think about it such as this: go to the gym and work on yourself physically, and once you start feeling amazing about what you are doing for yourself, your mental and spiritual sides will start to heal, too. You will remember that you are worth someone who will love you with an amazing love, and giving yourself the chance to love yourself first by getting in shape just for you is an amazing step. But revenge is a great alternative if that’s what you’re into.

Collegian Active Lifestyles Blogger Katy Mueller can be reached online at or on Twitter @KatyMueller13.