RSVP to ASCSU’s Inaugural Ball by May 6, everybody

If you have ever wanted to meet some of the key members of your student government, there’s no better opportunity than this Friday’s Inaugural Ball Dinner at 6:30 in the LSC Theater, where you can rub elbows with the people that make ASCSU tick.

“Heavy Hors Dioeuvres” and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided at the reception, along with a cash bar and desert bar, so if you feel like going to grab some “free” food (the event is being paid for with your student fees) and watching ASCSU pat themselves on the back, be sure to RSVP to today.


This ASCSU Inaugural Ball is open to all students, despite not being widely advertised to the general student body. This may have been done so ASCSU could keep their celebration small and presumably primarily within the organization, but you and all your friends are more than welcome to come and pack the reception.

The ball will be celebrating the inauguration of our new ASCSU president, Nigel Daniels, who ran on a platform of “bridging the gap” in communication on campus and making ASCSU more open, diverse and accessible.

While it’s a little ironic that it seems ASCSU would prefer the celebration of our new president who ran on communication and accountability to be limited to a select crowd, having done little to make the student body even aware of the ball’s existence, just because they didn’t send you an invitation doesn’t mean you can’t go.

This is your ASCSU and your president, and this ball is being paid for with your money — show up and introduce yourself. But today is the last day to RSVP, so let them know you’re coming in an email, pick out a business professional outfit and head to the ball! We’ll see you there.