Littleton family moves back to Colorado, finds other family living in home

Upon returning to their Colorado after eight months, the Donovans were shocked to find another family living in their Littleton home.

“Last August the Donovans moved to Indiana to pursue a job opportunity. They winterized their home on South Mabre Court and left for the Midwest for eight months. To their surprise, when they returned, a new family was living in their home, claiming they had a legal right to do so,” according to CBS4 in Denver. 


The new family, Mary Fernandez-Beleta and Jose Leyva, told police they had purchased the home legally for $5,000 from a man named Alfonso Carrilo. “Carrillo has been linked to dozens of stolen-homes cases across the Front Range and is facing a series of charges,” according to CBS4.

According to ABC News, Fernandez-Beleta filed for bankruptcy on July 20, just hours before a forced eviction, preventing the Donovans from returning home.

“The sheriff’s office will not proceed with an eviction if there is a bankruptcy in question,” Arapahoe County Undersheriff David Walcher told CBS4.

The Donovans continue to stay with a reletive in Greeley and are awaiting a resolution.