Colorado medical marijuana finding its way to the wrong hands, according to report

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A report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area has found that some marijuana intended for medicinal use is finding its way into the illegal trade.

The Denver Post reports that as many as 70 instances of “diversion” have occurred.


Kirk Mitchell and Ryan Parker write:

Colorado patients, caregivers and dispensaries all have diverted medical marijuana to illegal use in 23 states, according to the review.

Michael Elliott, executive director of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, spoke with the Westword and defended the medical marijuana industry in the face of the diversion issue.

Colorado’s medical marijuana framework is working. MMIG’s members are responsible business owners who support rigorous enforcement of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Code, and work to ensure the industry is run with the highest standards

Another study, authored by the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, found that 74 percent of teens it surveyed in substance abuse centers had used marijuana intended for medicinal purposes without a license.

Mary Elizabeth Dallas writes:

Because recent state and federal policy changes have opened doors for more legalized medical marijuana use in Colorado, the researchers suggested that teens using medical marijuana most likely got it from an adult with a valid registry identification card for the drug.

Fort Collins decided to shut down its medical marijuana dispensaries effective midnight February 14, 2012, but the issue will appear once again on the ballot in November because a pro-marijuana group gathered enough signatures on a petition.