‘Vote Satan’ sign owner angry theft not considered hate crime

The Sigil of Baphomet: emblem of the Church of...

Most of America will be voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in 2012, but a Satanist couple in Colorado showed their allegiance with a ‘Vote Satan’ sign, which was later stolen.


The couple is angry that the theft was not considered a hate crime under Colorado law.

I feel like we’re being treated unfairly because it’s not a so-called mainstream religion – Luigi Bellaviste

For a crime to be considered a hate crime under Colorado law a person mus, according to Reuters:

  • Intentionally intimidated or harassed a victim because of the victim’s “perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation”; and
  • Knowingly caused, or knowingly placed the victim in fear of, bodily injury or damage to the victim’s property.

The couple believes they are being discriminated against because if any other religious symbol was stolen or defaced in this way it would be considered a hate crime.

Had that been the Star of David or a verse from the Koran, … that would certainly be considered a hate crime – Luigi Bellaviste

The general public may not be thrilled, but the Satanists are right.

Not considering the theft of their religious symbol and protecting other religions is unfair treatment and violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

We are guaranteed the freedom of speech under the First Amendment, and if these Satanists want to display their beliefs then they should be protected like everyone else.