Two shooting in Aurora doesn’t surprise residents

Any Colorado native who has spent any time in Denver knows that you should avoid Colfax at night. My boyfriend once refused to let me park at the newly remodeled Walmart on Colfax past 8 p.m. With the two Sunday night shootings in mind, I now regret parking there anyway, just a bit.

According to The Denver Post two males were shot near Colfax Ave. one near 10:35 p.m. and the second, almost an hour later. Authorities believe that the two shootings were unrelated. Both victims died as a result of the gun shot wounds.


Residents of the area told Denver Post reporters that they were not surprises by the shootings.

“When it gets dark,” said a man who declined to identify himself, “you don’t want to be out on Colfax.”

From now on, maybe it would be safe to heed the Aurora man’s advice. I certainly wont be parking on Colfax anymore.

The Colfax at Auraria light rail station in De...
The Colfax at Auraria light rail station in Denver, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)