New threat to communities devastated by Waldo Canyon Fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - JUNE 29:  A member of a...
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – JUNE 29: A member of a Native American firefighter team from Montana takes some water while looking for hot spots in a burnt-out area near homes in the Cedar Heights neighborhood which was evacuated due to the Waldo Canyon fire on June 29, 2012 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Note: The following is part of a series of posts from students at Swansea University, located in Wales. The students have visiting Colorado State University and learning about America and its media.

By Lucy De Lloyd


Following the devastation of the wild fires which have swept the state this month, an entirely new threat has concerned the people of Colorado.  Many of the residents that fled their homes in Waldo Canyon, Colorado Springs have been allowed to return home and resume life as fire fighters continue to contain the fire.

However, the predicted thunderstorms due this weekend could create entirely new problems for citizens of Colorado. Rain will bring moisture, which will be a great thing for those affected by the blaze.But if the downpour results in high speed winds and thunderstorms, it would be equally as dangerous as the persisting fires.

If a severe downpour persists, safety officials have concerns about flooding and landslides in the recently burned Rockies. This in turn could result in heavily flooded streams. If this were to happen, Colorado’s firefighters would be overwhelmed with rescue attempts as well as persisting in extinguishing the blaze.

With no trees to hold the water back at Waldo Canyon, a flood could further devastate a community with 350 destroyed homes. 350 homes full off years and lifetimes worth of photographs and memories. Trinkets are lost forever resulting in these families having to start from scratch. Huffington post blogger Gary Heart has anticipated evacuation by storing family air looms in city storage. The hope is that this event on such a scale is a one time deal and not an annual Coloradoan event.