Fire and high temperatures see a rise in food bank supplies across Colorado

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Note: The following is part of a series of posts from students at Swansea University, located in Wales. The students have visiting Colorado State University and learning about America and its media.

By Kellie Haste


The severe fires which have encompassed many areas of the state of Colorado have caused many families to require extra help from their communities, at the heart of these communities are the local food banks, which are distributing food packages to those who are in need. This increase in food supplies, at the food banks, would not be possible if people had not given so generously to support their fellow neighbors who have been evacuated from their homes. As many areas still burn, it is comforting to know that people at the heart of these fire torn communities are helping each other through.

Prior to the fires, food banks have been encouraging people in their communities to give what they can because of the unusual high temperatures that Colorado has been experiencing. Many food banks have been handing out more food packages than usual to families who are struggling to deal with the  high temperatures, that have been over 90 degrees for several weeks now.

Organizers and volunteers of the local food banks are trying to encourage fun days and outdoor activities in an attempt to keep stocks at high levels. They are asking the communities to help in whatever way they can, it is possible to pick up five cans of food for $5 so if your are out doing your shopping, swing by your local food bank and give what you can.