Base camp of lost Boulder, Colorado climbers found

Artesonraju - Cordillera Blanca - Ancash - Peru.
Artesonraju – Cordillera Blanca – Ancash – Peru. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gil Weiss and Ben Horne were supposed to go on a 7-10 day climbing trip in Peru. After their families had not heard from them in nearly two weeks, they contacted the pair’s guide.

A three man rescue team found Weiss and Horne’s tent at 16,700 feet as well as tracks and evidence from an avalanche.


Their goal was to climb a 20,000 foot glacier in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca.

Frank Bajak of the Associated Press wrote:

The chief of Peru’s high-mountain rescue team, Marco Carrera, sent a separate team of rescuers to search for Weiss and Horne.

He said Palcaraju is “one of the most dangerous (peaks) to climb and it’s not typical for people to climb it because the weather is difficult year-round, a combination of strong winds, avalanches and enormous crevasses.”