7-Eleven free slurpee day, a cool way to cope with Colorado temperatures

English: picture of slurpee
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What’s so great about July 11? Two words: free slurpees.

This summer, the country has seen an incredible spike in temperature. According to an article by Kelly Slivka of the New York Times, the average temperature during the month of June was 57.4 degrees, 4.5 degrees higher than previous data reports.


Colorado is no stranger to this heat.

Dr. Kevin Trenberth works as a climate analyst at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder.

“By the beginning of June, there was no snow in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado,” Dr. Trenberth told Slivka. “That’s unprecedented, to my knowledge.”

While there are many strategies to fight the heat, 7-Eleven is offering one very sweet one just for today.

7-Eleven first opened shop in 1927 as an ice house. Today, the company operates over 7,800 stores in both the United States and international locations, according the 7-Eleven website. The Slurpee originated from Kansasand was licensed by 7-Eleven in 1967.

Personally, I remember going to the 7-Eleven by my house with my dad as a kid. While my dad would browse through the snack isle, I would layer as many flavors as I could into a medium-sized paper cup only to top it off with a classic neon, green straw.

If you’ve never indulged in these frozen treats, today’s your chance.  Find a 7-Eleven closest to you and prepare yourself for some serious brainfreeze.