64th annual Burro Days celebrates ‘haulin ass’ in Fairplay Colorado

A burro racer and her burro on the trail
A burro racer and her burro on the trail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most animal races involve humans riding the animal. In the World Championship Pack Burro Race, the humans drag a burro 29 miles and up 10,000 vertical feet.

Fairplay, Colorado will be hosting the 64th World Championship Pack Burro Race July 28 and 29 as part of Burro Days.


In addition to the weight of the donkey, it is strapped with 33 pounds of gear like a pick, shovel and gold pan to honor the town’s mining heritage.

The race is expected to draw 10,000 visitors to the town of 675, according to the Summit Daily News.

Katie McFadden of Travelers Today writes:

The event has now grown into a big festival with several attractions. In addition to the main burro racing event, there is now a llama race, a dog race for kids, parades, contests, arts and craft booths, over 30 food vendors, musical entertainment, a Mountain Man Rendezvous, a dance and barbecue, a pancake breakfast, Cowboy Church services and more.

The event is uniquely Colorado, and should not be missed by those interested in the history of our state.