Swansea University students give their two cents on Colorado

For many, the top things to do during summer include relaxing, getting outside and travelling. A group of students from Swansea University is doing just that for a study abroad program, hosted at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

The group includes 11 students, both from Wales and London. For four weeks, the students immerse themselves in a course called New Communication Technologies in the US. During the month, students will receive hands-on experience in a wide range of mediums including radio, television, online media and print.


On the agenda this week: television.

Students spent the first part of this week learning various studio crew positions at CTV11, Colorado State University’s Campus Television Station.

After a little practice and a couple of bloopers, the students short segments focusing on their opinions of the Colorado thus far.

First up, one group spoke about the difference between UK and USA college living arrangements. At Swansea, most students do not share a dorm room like they do at CSU.

Next, the students discussed their impression of the attitudes of various cities around the States including Fort Collins, Colorado.

Another group shared their experiences so far in Fort Collins including a comedy standup gig and watching the NBA.

Finally, a group discussed the difference between the universities in the USA and UK.


The students have two more weeks left of the program. Tomorrow they head to Greeley for the Greeley Stampede to see a rodeo. Check back with the Rocky Mountain Collegian to read about their thoughts.