Mount Sneffles: The fourteener you want under your belt

Jewel of the San Juans
Jewel of the San Juans (Photo credit: mattsantomarco)

Of the approximately 53 fourteeners in the state of Colorado, Mount Sneffles is the one you want to climb. Especially if you have never climbed a fourteener, Sneffles is the one for you. Not only does it sound positively cuddly, it is actually a beautiful mountain. According to Summit Post it is actually considered Colorado’s best mountain because of its beauty, symmetry, and rugged ridges.

Every year a marathon is held in the Ouray/Ridgeway area which holds the mountain namesake. This fourteener is ranked fairly low on difficulty because it is not one of the tallest  in Colorado, yet it will still challenge you.


As always give it a try but make sure, despite the adorable name, do not underestimate any fourteener and take proper precautions to keep yourself safe.