Colorado Man Sues Arby’s, Claims Urinal Burned His Genitals; Wouldn’t You?

English: An Arby's in Moncton
English: An Arby's in Moncton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine this. You enter a restroom in your favorite restaurant and proceed to do your business, when with no warning, the apparatus at which you are directing your excretions shoots a column of hot steam at your giblets, burning you and all of your party parts. After the trauma of explaining to a restaurant employee what had happened, you proceed to go home where you realize that sexual relations with your spouse are out of the question.

Sounds improbable right? Think again.


A Colorado man is suing Arby’s for an incident in which steam, shot out of a urinal and burned his genitals. Allegedly, when he notified an Arby’s employee, they replied “This happens when the kitchen sink is running”. And according to Reuters, his wife has signed on to the law suit seeking compensation for “not having sex with her husband”.

It is easy to write this off  as another shmuck trying to get a hand out from the legal system, as many comments to the story have mentioned, this story does give me pause. Though the idea of a urinal, let alone one spouting steam, is about the farthest thing from comfortable and normal to me; I tried to place myself in the situation of this couple. We take the restroom for granted as a safe, holiest of holy. Can you honestly say you wouldn’t be a little upset yourself?