CSU Ultimate Frisbee Club

Mike Berg


By Josiah Cuckler


CSU Hells Belles

Ultimate frisbee is an enjoyable sport that brings people together and has been taken to new competitive heights by Tim Kefalas the head coach of the CSU Men’s A team and his assistant Peter Raines. Tim has been the head coach for 10 years and has invested his time and expertise into creating the success that is CSU ultimate frisbee. The A team is currently ranked 14th in the country out of 415 teams.

Joey Leduc and Sam Frisz have coached the Men’s B team to uncharted territory also. They lead the third highest rated B team in the country, ranked 162 out of 415 teams.

Both Men’s team will compete in the Conference Championship will take place on April 14th and 15th but they will have home field advantage as the championships will be held here at CSU. It’s an all Colorado affair with the already hot CSU-CU rivalry sure to heat up when both CU A and CU B teams take the field.  Rounding out the field will be Colorado Mesa, CU-Denver, and DU.

The national tournament will be occurring May 25th through 28th in Milwaukee after regionals take place at the end of April. Show your CSU pride for our ultimate frisbee team this month and cheer them on as they battle to nationals.