CSU Winter Camp Recap and Team Info, Sponsored by Lucky 27’s

Mike Berg


CSU Team Camp Recap: Tucson, January 2018


By Catie Jungmann

Sponsored by Lucky 27

Click, pedal, go. CSU’s annual cycling team camp was just that.  Entering my first year of team camp, I had no idea what to expect. I had never ridden in a group before – and even more daunting — I had never ridden one-hundred miles!

The mornings consisted of fueling up with oats and coffee, strapping on our kits, and prepping the bikes for a long day on the saddle. Then we would hit the roads for training. The long rides helped me learn that it is important to stay completely alert when in a group and alongside cars.

We rode all throughout Tucson, only stopping to refuel. Near the end of the rides were the most difficult. Consumed by fatigue and the hot Tucson sun, we pushed hard to make it home to a glorious shower and food.  One of the most memorable rides was the incline up Mount Lemmon, or as I now call it “Mount Thighs on Fire.”

Another memorable ride was the one-hundred mile loop. At first, we rode up a steady incline as we headed out of Tucson. Then the road began to flatten out and we got into our groove before the steep incline up Madera Canyon. At this point, the “A” group of cyclists completed the twenty-five mile out-and-back. After of which we all convened at McDonald’s (the best source of nutrition as we all know) to refuel. With the whole team back together, we raced back home, trying to beat the waning sun. The last thirty miles were especially brutal and we triumphantly made it back.


CSU Cycling Club Information

The CSU Rams Cycling Club provides CSU Students the opportunity to join a fun cycling community and race at the regional and national level in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference participating in mountain, road, track, cyclocross, and BMX racing. The Club also hosts weekly group rides and volunteers in the community. If you have any questions, message “CSU Rams Cycling” Facebook page or visit www.csucycling.wixsite.com/csucycling.



Meeting Information (open to all skill levels): Mondays, 8pm in Clark A202. 

Group Rides: Mondays – 3:45pm – 1.5 hour easy recovery road ride

Website – www.csucycling.wixsite.com/csucycling

Facebook – www.facebook.com/CSURamsCycling/

Instagram – www.instagram.com/csucycling/

Twitter – www.twitter.com/ramscycling

Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Itrex9qVMFy3_3xO53FvA