Promotional Merchandise Has Never Been So Nice

Henry Netherland


By Henry Netherland


When life is stressful, it becomes easy to forget to give back to those who are less fortunate. While donating to charities has never been easier thanks to the internet, it can be difficult to tell how much of your donation is going directly to the cause and how much is going to the employees, marketing and other expenses. Luckily, Nine Promotions guarantees 5% of every purchase will go directly to helping Vietnamese orphans without many outside expenses.

Orphanage kids are shown in Vietnam posing silly for a picture. (Quin Bui | Nine Promotions)

Nine Promotions is an online company based in Fort Collins that provides high-quality, branded merchandise for any organization, both nonprofit and for-profit. The company gives organizations a variety of choices as to what formats they want their brand printed on. Choices range from apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, pants, etc.) to accessories (pens, keychains, etc.) depending completely on how much the group’s budget allows. Organizations that purchase products from the company are also given a customized website as a tool to sell their merchandise. While Nine Promotions’ products are higher quality than your average promotional consultant, the prices will not put a huge dent in your organization’s budget.

Nine Promotions founder, Quinn Bui, immigrated from Vietnam at a young age. “I came from practically dirt,” Bui says. “[W]e lived in a house in Vietnam. There’s no windows, no doors”. After living in the U.S. for several years, he says he feels as though he is at a point in his life where he has the financial stability to finally give back to unfortunate communities who were given a bad hand. To guarantee funds are not being wasted from unnecessary expenses, Bui and his relatives personally go to Vietnam regularly to provide food, clothing and blankets to Vietnamese orphans. The next trip to Vietnam for Bui and his family is set for March of 2018.

Quinn Bui, owner of Nine Promotions, is shown carrying a baby when visiting an orphanage in Vietnam in 2012. (Nine Promotions)

Bui says he hopes to eventually expand both the company as well as his charity work with orphanages. One day he plans on traveling not just to Vietnam, but to other poverty-stricken countries such as Cambodia. The growth of Nine Promotions will help Bui realize his dream of expanding his charity work. His business model enables organizations to not only get quality merchandise at a fair price but also help increase the amount of much needed aid the orphanages in Bui’s homeland receive.

To contact Nine Promotions email them at or call 505-550-5139.

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