Sport Club Updates: 9/26

Mike Berg


Upcoming Events:


  • Women’s Lacrosse vs CU 9/27 @ 6p (Fields 12/13)
  • Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Tournament 9/30 – 10/1 @ 8a-5p (All IM Fields)
  • Men’s Ice Hockey vs Eastern Michigan University 9/29 @7:45p (EPIC Ice Center)
  • Women’s Lacrosse 9/30 @ 12p (Fields 12/13)
  • Men’s Soccer vs School of Mines 10/1 @ 6p (Fields 4-6)

Women’s Ice Hockey is in search of new players this year. Anyone interested can reach out to Sarina Perret at

For more information on Sport Clubs visit here.

CSU’s Club Soccer goes up for a block against Colorado School of Mines. (Chiara Garland | CSU Rec)

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