The Art of Glass Blowing

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Glass blowing is an artform that us cannabis users rely on almost every day we partake. Without glass blowing coming to fruition, we would be stuck in the rolled ages. Joints and blunts would be practically our only options, unless we wanted to create a pipe from a piece of fruit or vegetable, or, God forbid, a plastic bottle or aluminum can. Now we can venture to a local headshop like Kind Creations and purchase a piece to use for a fair price.

It is a fairly new art form (in the sense of modern pipes), only being around the mainstream for the past 30 years or so, and only about 20 years before that in the underground scene and it all started with a deadhead (a Grateful Dead fan for all you youngins’).


Bob Snodgrass was the man who brought glass pipes to life and invented many techniques in the world of glassblowing. He’s the Godfather of Glass. He would travel with The Dead around the country, selling his creations before he finally settled down in Eugene, Oregon with his family. Here, his craft truly came to life and would inspire new generations of glassblowers everywhere.

One of Bob’s most famous glass blowing techniques is something that has since been dubbed “color changing glass” which changes color of the piece gradually the more you smoke through it. This effect is achieved by mixing or “fuming” gold, silver, and platinum into the glass while forming the pipe. These results created much more beautiful glass than has been seen prior and helped the glass market take off.

These days, glass blowers can be found everywhere, and shops like Kind Creations have an area where you can watch glass blowers at work. With more techniques being invented, more materials being used in glass, like opal, and more practice, the results are over the top and insane to look at and watch be created. Kind Creations has several glass blowers to watch and their work is sold in the shop.

Watching them work and create masterpieces is never a disappointing way to spend your time. You can even bring a broken piece in for them to try and fix, for a price and if it’s clean of course. To find out more about glass blowing, check out the Collegian’s Green Report Joint Venture glass blowing video, where a glass blower named Sky from Kind Creations is interviewed, or just head on down to Kind Creations at 828 South College Ave in Fort Collins and see the action in work and ask questions yourself.