CU Boulder excepts medical cardholders from live-in requirement

Capelli D'Angelo

CU Boulder buildings: Folsom Field and Math bu...
CU Boulder buildings: Folsom Field and Math building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colorado stoners are exercising their right to possess weed all over the state. This has not changed the way universities are reacting to the drug, according to the Daily Camera.

Not only is recreational marijuana prohibited on campus, even if you are older than 21, but medical marijuana is not an exception either.


For some freshman this has become an issue, as they are required to live on campus. In response, administrators at Colorado University in Boulder have made an exception to the live-in requirement for students that suffer from a condition they treat with medical marijuana.

There are over 113,862 active medical cardholders in the state, and over five percent are aged 18 to 20. To read more about CU Boulder and how administration is reacting to legal cannabis, check out the full story.