New York spontaneously legalizes medical marijuana

Capelli D'Angelo

English: New York Attorney General Andrew Cuom...
English: New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Congressman Gary Ackerman hold a press conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an emergency medical marijuana bill Wednesday that will give New York patients relief sooner than expected, according to WGRZ.

Before today, patients in New York were planning to wait until 2016 before exercising their newly found right to treat symptoms with medical marijuana. Under the Compassionate Care Act, which was passed in June, approved patients can purchase medical cannabis in dispensaries starting 2016.


The new bill was popular in the senate and passed, immediately legalizing medical marijuana to patients who suffer from progressive or degenerative conditions. There is still one problem. No legal grow sites have been opened in the state. Cuomo suggested they might look to fellow states to supply the inventory.

“We’re heartened that Governor Cuomo did the right thing and signed this emergency bill,” said Julie Netherland, director at the Drug Policy Alliance. “Patients in New York are suffering, and some patients’ lives are at risk every day they are forced to wait. There’s no real victory until critically ill patients get their medicine.”

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