Missouri man released after serving 20 year sentence

Capelli D'Angelo

English: A prison Cell. Suomi: Yksi Alcatrazin...
English: A prison Cell. Suomi: Yksi Alcatrazin sadoista selleistä. Hrvatski: Pogled u zatvorsku ćeliju. Italiano: Una cella del carcere. Srpskohrvatski / Српскохрватски: Pogled u zatvorsku ćeliju. Svenska: Cell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeff Mizanskey was convicted of several marijuana charges and sentenced life in prison. After serving 20 years, Governor Nixon commuted his life sentence and he was released on parole.

Mizanskey spoke Wednesday night at the Library Center in Springfield, Missouri. He told community members his story, but also took the time to advocate softer marijuana laws and prison reform, according to KY3 News.


“It cost 57 dollars and 17 cents a day to keep me in prison for 22 years,” Mizanskey said. “And, I am not the only guy in there. I would say we got a couple thousand in there at a minimum. If you take a couple thousand at 57 dollars and 17 cents a day, that adds up for taxes.”

He was released last month, two decades after his arraignment, and has been pushing legalization since.

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