New Toledo marijuana policy violates state and federal law

Capelli D'Angelo

Toledo and Ohio Central Railway
Toledo and Ohio Central Railway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though both federal and Ohio state laws consider marijuana to be illegal, the city of Toledo has decided to decriminalize the drug.

On Oct. 5 these new laws will take effect, but the use of marijuana will still be illegal in public. However, due to the Supremacy Clause, people who are stopped by federal agents or a state trooper may still face criminal charges and in some cases jail time.


“It means that Toledo Police will have to lower the priorities on marijuana infractions,” said Sean Nestor, a former Toledo City Council Candidate.

Many are pushing to have the drug legalized at the state level too. According to, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the bill to legalize marijuana, Issue 3, misleading. So it must be rewritten before it can get on the ballot before November elections take place.

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