Hach’s Walk For Water Highlights Global Water Crisis

Doug Hay

Over a billion people worldwide walk up to 4 miles every day just to collect water. And even then it’s usually not from clean water sources. The 5th Annual Hach Walk for Water Saturday, May 5th on the CSU campus is trying to help change that by raising funds to build water treatment systems for global communities in need.

In the past few years Hach’s efforts through these Walk For Water events have enabled clean water projects all over the world to be completed, positively impacting the lives of people in those communities.


Hach’s Inaugural Walk For Water Event in 2014 benefited the village of Munami, Kenya.

Munami, Kenya.
Hach Water Project 2014

Local Munami school teacher, Penina Shikuku describes the impact of the project, “Students don’t have to go out of the school during dry spells in search of water, thus, the girls don’t suffer harassment from villagers.​ As a school, we are saving money that was previously used to purchase drugs for treatment of waterborne diseases at the school dispensary. Time management among students has really helped improve academic performance.”

Hach is building awareness regarding the global water crisis and raising donations to provide sustainable water treatment systems to struggling communities across the world. Learn more about the Walk and register today at www.HachWalkforWater.org.                 

We hope to see you on May 5th!