The Average Number of Wedding Guests in the U.S.

Deciding how many people should be invited to your wedding is oftentimes a difficult task. You don’t want to over-invite because then you run into issues of costs and an overpopulated venue. You don’t want to under-invite because then your party will be too small and chances are everyone you love won’t be there. So, Bustle posted a recent article trying to find the sweet spot for the amount of wedding guests that should attend your celebration.

According to the article, a recent poll has found that the average wedding guest attendee number is 120 people.

This may seem like a reasonable amount of guests, but when you consider the amount per plate catering is, this number could be excessive. However, there are a few reasons why this is the guest sweet spot. Some of them are actually quite reasonable.


Big and cheap is the way to go. According to experts, if you can find a way to invite everyone you love and still keep the costs down tremendously, then you are the real winner here. This may seem like an impossible feat, but if you go the DIY route, then it’s a little more feasible.

It has also been suggested that the divorce rate of couples who spend less on their weddings is lower!

Another study, called the “Before I Do” study, also believes that the more guests there are, the better. Financial costs aside, the more witnesses there are at the wedding, the more serious the wedding is taken by the bride and groom.

A psychology research project from the University of Denver also proclaimed that the more guests, the better when it comes to weddings. However, this study pegged 150 guests as the magic number.