8 Unconventional Spring Break Ideas

(photo credit: getty images)

A new article from Bustle is reminding readers about how quickly spring break is approaching.

Whether you are ready for it or not, it is time to start making plans. You may be thinking of the typical bikinis and tanning on the beach, but for others who have been there and done that, the time has come to begin thinking outside the box. The spring break possibilities are endless, and adventures are easy to plan if you know what you want.


Try starting with some of these ideas:

  1. Don’t go to the beach.  Everyone is heading to the beach for an early start to summer.  This means nearly every affordable resort is going to be packed. Do not get stuck at places like these. Instead, try going places less packed by the average college student. A good idea is going to a lesser known ski resort for some fresh powder. Hiking and camping in the woods of the North-east can also be quite the adventure.
  2. Do something for charity. Not every trip has to be about the crazy parties. Doing something for others in need can be very rewarding and much more enjoyable than a constant hang over. Try looking into your school’s alt-trip options. Many trips are available to places across the country and even the world.
  3. Take a social media vacation. This idea sounds strange, but it could be one of your most relaxing vacations yet. Deactivate your Facebook account, log out of Twitter and delete the Instagram app for a week. Get outside and enjoy everything around you. Getting off social media is also a great way to reconnect with those you love.
  4. Only try recipes you’ve never made before. What’s better than a spring break spent making crazy, yummy food? Nothing. Get onto Pinterest and print off the recipes you’ve always wanted to try.  You will be shocked to learn how great of a cook you are.
  5. Have a staycation. Who wouldn’t want to take a week to sleep in, watch your favorite movies and eat take-out with your best friend. You will thank yourself for all the rest your mind, body and soul will have by the end of the break.
  6. Detox. Instead of spending the week hungover and nauseous, why not tend to your personal health? Drink lots of water, eat clean and practice yoga.

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