15 Things Every 90’s Kid Wanted for Christmas

(photo credit: getty images)

As talked about in a previous post, some of your best memories most likely come from the 90’s.  Do you remember your dream christmas list from this period in time though?  It’s okay if you can’t.  Bustle has compiled the ultimate 90’s Christmas list and these are some of the hot items.

  1. To have NSYNC serenade you from the stage
  2. To get slimed
  3. A lifetime membership to the Mickey Mouse Club
  4. The bedroom makeover to end all bedroom makeovers
  5. A closet like Cher’s in Clueless
  6. A glamorous and exciting international trip
  7. Something from your crush
  8. Your own secret hideout
  9. An actual pokemon
  10. Your own phone line

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