10 Best Ideas of the Week

Mid adult woman icing cupcakes at kitchen counter
(photo credit: getty images)

BizBash has recently come out with their weekly best ideas at events list.  The holiday season can bring in a crazy amount of festivities, from holiday parties to charity events.  So what were the best ideas this past week?  Check out this list.

  1. Cupcake display walls
  2. Customized leather purses
  3. Creating lipstick from any color
  4. Multisensory tasting experience
  5. 3-D handcrafted decorations
  6. Rustic garden decor
  7. Overnighter gift bags
  8. Mac n cheese festival
  9. A “noodle” award

Sometimes in order to have an out of this world event, you have to think up ideas that are out of this world.  For pictures of all these great events, click here.