7 Things You Should Tell Your Wedding DJ

English: Club Eifel disc jockey DJ Blaze plays...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Brides blog, is helping with the universal problem of bad wedding DJ’s.  Sometimes they can tend to play terrible songs, or not take any song requests.  This often leaves your guest’s cranky, and it can ruin the mood of your entire wedding reception.  Not to worry though, here are a few tips to avoid these problems.

  1. Say when to play the important songs and for how long
  2. Tell them how to pronounce your names
  3. Instead of song lists, give song contexts
  4. However, have a do not play list
  5. If you want them to MC or not MC
  6. Let them know if they need to watch their volume or certain language

For the final thing you should tell your DJ, click here.