13 Best 2015 Halloween Couple Costumes

(photo credit: getty images)

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to come up with great couple halloween couples, and that’s why Bustle’s here to help.  You want your costume to be relevant so everyone at the party know’s who you are, but not too cliche.  Here’s some ideas to get things rolling.

  1. Imperator Furiosa & Max Rockatansky from Mad Max
  2. Pizza and Rat
  3. Same sex marriage
  4. Donald Trump and America
  5. Google and Alphabet
  6. Cookie and Lucious Lyon from Alphabet
  7. Finn and Rey from Starwars
  8. Zombie Cubs fan
  9. The whip and the nae nae
  10. Owen and Claire from Jurassic park
  11. Right shark and left shark
  12. Netflix and chill

For the final costume, sit here.