Check out Fellow Rams and Their Winter Breaks

Trigg Skoe

Kaylie Stenhouse


Going Down Under with Kaylie Stenhouse


Winter Break is finally almost here! Kaylie Stenhouse, a CSU student, is escaping to Australia this break, visiting a friend from France she met studying abroad in high school. This won’t be her first time leaving the States, she’s been lucky enough to travel to Scotland, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Mexico, Canada, Morocco, and Monaco. While in Australia, Kaylie is planning to go to the beach, learn to surf, and hike. While she has travelled a lot for a young person, this is her first time to Australia.  Needless to say, she is pumped!

Since Kaylie has travelled so much, Rampage asked her for some travel tips. She says: “Research! Pack for what you plan on doing, plan for every part of the trip including carrying bags up and down stairs, through airports, and beyond.” Kaylie has seen her own share of mishaps from people going to the wrong airport to almost having to cancel a backpacking trip in Iceland — due to volcanic activity! Luckily, both worked out. Obviously, Kaylie loves to travel and explore the world, she says traveling alone can be scary, but it can open up new opportunities and be a whole different experience than traveling with people you know. So take her lead, don’t be afraid to go solo. Her last words of advice:  “Traveling does not have to be expensive! DO IT!”.

Climbing Ice with Lindsey Paricio 

Every year the CSU Outdoor Program gets a crew together with instructors to head down to the Ouray Ice Festival to test their ice climbing skills. This year Lindsey Paricio is joining the trip with her boyfriend and another friend. She’s been to Ouray before during the summer months, but hasn’t seen it in its winter glory. She and her boyfriend have been avid climbers for a few years and now want to try ice climbing. Lindsey has never been ice climbing, but is stoked for the opportunity to learn the sport safely with a dedicated crowd and to show her friends the beautiful under appreciated area of Ouray.

Ice climbing isn’t the only activity on the group’s agenda as they also plan for snowshoeing and hiking. She is glad to join up with the Outdoor Program for such a unique trip and is eager to help build the sense of community that will come out of it.

Lindsey has traveled to 23 countries! She went abroad to New Zealand in 2016 and later to Uganda and Rwanda with the President’s Leadership Program. So Rampage asked for her travelling advice. She says to keep what you pack minimal and simple which will allow flexibility when traveling. And always carry a headlamp and first aid kit just in case, no matter where you go. Lindsey says don’t pass up any chance to travel:  “Traveling always holds a lot of uncertainty, and that makes it scary no matter how often you do it or how close or far from home you go. The excitement of breaking out of your bubble and echo chamber and seeing a new part of the world — or even your same part of the world from a new perspective — makes it worthwhile to brave the uncertainty.”