The Outdoor Club

Trigg Skoe


By Cole McCullough 


We are a student lead organization with the focus of building an outdoor community here on campus. We are open to any student, community member, sendy grandma, or cool pet that wishes to join us on our adventures. We host trips ranging from hiking, climbing, camping, mountain biking, skiing, and so much more.

Never been outside before? Don’t worry we have trips designed specifically for beginners and educating club members. We want to get people out into nature, simple as that. So how do you get involved? We have planning meetings every other Wednesday at 8pm in the LSC and social meetings every Wednesday at 830pm at Avogadro’s Number. We post all of our information about meetings and weekly club updates on our Facebook page or by email if you don’t have social media. If you have any questions regarding the Outdoor Club contacts us at: FB- CSU Outdoor Club, Instagram- @csuoutdoorclub, Email-