Bison on the Roadways

English: Bison bison. Original caption: "...
Bison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Colorado, we definitely have an elk problem. They cause traffic jams all over the state, and it’s worst in Estes park. But now that we have bison roaming our plains, we may have a new problem on our hand. Bison jams.

“The determined bison can be seen making their way across the street, causing drivers on both sides to hit their brakes. Judging by the photo, people stayed in their vehicles, which was probably a good decision given the numbers of people who wind up injured by getting too close to the large animals.


While bison herds aren’t exactly the most common roadblock, they block traffic more than you’d think — especially around Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. No use in blowing your horns in these kinds of jams. The bison will let you know when you can go.”

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