Gorillas Addicted to Smartphones

A male silverback Gorilla.
A male silverback Gorilla. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone, or at least a good majority of people, feel a little lost when you have nothing to do and you’ve left your smart phones at home. Does this mean we are addicted? Well, rest assured, dear readers, you are not alone.

“If you’re having trouble tearing your kid away from his iPhone, just be thankful he’s not a 400-pound ape.


Footage taken at Kentucky’s Louisville Zoo shows Jelani, a young male silverback gorilla, seemingly enthralled by a zoo visitor’s smartphone, nodding as the boy shows him each new image. Apparently, Jelani is known for his interest in technology — his biography on the zoo’s website says “he is a laid-back individual and likes to look at cellphone photos and videos.””

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