Reinventing and Renovating the Water Tower

If modern houses are becoming to mundane for your architectural needs, it may be worthwhile to draw some inspiration from io9’s compilation of multi-story water towers that are being renovated as loft-esque houses. 

Structures such as the Munstead Water Tower, originally built in 1898, have been taken on by private owners and architects and turned into completely livable single family houses or apartment buildings all around the world.


While the exteriors of most towers are left alone for aesthetic purposes, some tower-turned-homes have been completely restructured to fit the needs of those living within. In fact, architect Jo Crepain turned a water tower in Antwerp, Belgium into a “transparent six-story house with a winter garden…between 1991 and 1996,” according io9.

The growing trend has spawned houses in derelict water towers in Lymm, UK to a James Bond-esque tower home in Joachimstal, Germany to a beach home created in a Sunset Beach water tower in California.

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